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Ever wanted to stay a night in jail without committing some horrendous crime? No? Me neither. However, if you fancy spending a couple of nights in a real prison whilst your down in Christchurch then you need to check out Jailhouse Accommodation.

I only came down for a couple of nights and real needed somewhere quiet, clean and cool. All accommodation in New Zealand is expensive, so why not get a place which is unique and special?

Jailhouse is situated in Addington not far from the city centre and provided me with 2 great nights sleep! Let’s run through the facilities, staff and atmosphere!



As you walk in you will be greeted with a big smile from a member of staff in a classical prison-orange t-shirt. Nothing was too much trouble and they made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived! They do offer work-for-accommodation, so if you are coming over on a WHV then ask at reception to see if you can get involved! 


Even though this isn’t peak high season, this certainly isn’t a party hostel. At 9pm it is “lights out”, don’t worry, the lights don’t really get shut off but it just means everyone has to be quiet in the main hall for the “inmates” to sleep!

There is a seating area away from the dorm rooms if you want to socialise and drink till the early hours!

There are little touches though out the building reminding you that you’re in jail! You are referred to as an inmate and the staff; wardens! There are still two cells which have been left untouched for you to look at with drawings on the walls from past prisoners!

The dorm

As you walk down the long jail hallway and enter your dorm room you will be pleasantly surprised by how bright and airy the space is! The beds are surprisingly comfortable and gave me two amazing nights sleep!

If you get cold then the Jailhouse offers extra blankets and even hot water bottles to keep you all warm and snug!



The hostel provides 500mb of free wifi when you arrive. If you need to purchase more then 5GB is $5 and 15GB only $10. Which is a steal if you ask me, in New Zealand! Just a note; the internet is super fast!!

There is a TV room which comes with a large range of DVD’s and even Netflix! A large kitchen is available down stairs where you can cook and make some yummy meals!

The bathrooms are clean and the showers are super powerful, providing plenty of hot water!

Along with plenty of seating areas and places to chill you won’t be left short when staying here!



Not going to lie, Addington is not the nicest area in Christchurch however, it isn’t the worst either. You are situated just back off the main road with plenty of eateries and shops to pick up essentials. If you are worried about safety, you really don’t need to be! Come on, you’re staying in a prison! How much secure can you get?

When you arrive at the airport, it is super easy to get to with just two buses, the final one dropping you right outside! If you are driving then you can get yourself a free car parking spot right outside the hostel!

You can either catch the bus (orange line to the Exchange) for $3.50 or walk the 25 minutes into the city. I always recommend the latter just to save that money for a flat white when you arrive!


Staying at Jailhouse Accommodation is a very unique experience and I would recommend it to anyone travelling this way! If you want a good nights sleep in an old prison cell, then this is the hostel for you!

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