Jumping Crocodiles | Darwin, Australia


If there is something which springs to mind when you think of Australia it’s either, spiders, snakes, sharks or CROCODILES! Everyone believes that EVERYTHING is trying to kill them in Australia, well I can tell you this now, crocodiles don’t need to try. All joking (ahem) aside, the sheer amount of species Australia has to offer is overwhelming.

I, myself am a tad obsessed with crocodiles, I find their trail of evolution fascinating. So once I arrived at the Top End I just had to get a closer look. Generally croc spotting tours can be rather disappointing. You may see one or two baking on the river banks from a distance and then you move on. I wanted to get much closer.

Jumping crocodile
Jaw snapping fun!


Northern Territory boasts one very famous tour called “Jumping Crocodile Cruise” whereby the passengers onboard get to experience these huge prehistoric creatures leap straight out from the water just inches from the boat. The local crocs on this stretch of the water are well accustomed to the tour and know they will get some yummy treats, so it doesn’t take long till two little eyes start darting towards you.

Our tour guide would attach a fleshy piece of meat on the end of a pole and lift it vertically above the crocs nose only for the croc to give one flick of their tails and jump straight out of the water. And when I say straight out of the water, their head is straight up and you can see their back legs clean out the water as they make this incredible leap!

Jumping crocodiles darwin
The height they can jump just using their tails is quite terrifying!

Unfortunately when we joined the tour, Brutus, the top dog (you could say) measuring in at 5.5metres (16.5ft!!!!) was off mating with… well whomever he wanted to mate with. When you’re that size I don’t think it’s difficult for you to find a date! Brutus is a sure thing, when it’s not mating season! But don’t worry, the other crocs are still insanely large and the snap of their jaw will still send shivers down your spine!

The tour is located only an hour from Darwin’s CBD and is well worth the $35! Please note the tours do not run during the wet season due to rain levels.

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