Life After Australia? My Upcoming Travel Plans!

Feeding Red Kangaroo's In Blackall, Queensland

It is pretty crazy to think that 21 months ago I set off with my backpack for the third time solo travelling. Only that time I had no return flight, or any real plans for the future. Now, after almost two years, I’m saying goodbye to this stunning country which has become my home and venturing back into the unknown.

So, what’s the plan I hear you scream? I generally tend not to tell you all about any upcoming plans because they change daily and it is just easier to withhold any thoughts until at least a flight is booked. Even though then it is still not guaranteed or set in stone! So with that in mind, here is what the next month or so holds for me…

Moore River, Perth
I’m really going to miss this place!!

I never thought about visiting home for a really long time, not because I didn’t want to, but I could never justify spending so much money for such a short trip. When the idea of New Zealand came on the cards, and additional two year visa would keep me on the road and it was my partner who suggested perhaps I visit the family beforehand. So, I took the plunge and booked a flight to London. I was so insanely excited and terrified all at the same time! I never told my parents that I was even considering a visit! You can check out my mom’s reaction to the news here in this video!

When people found out I was coming home, they were more shocked than anything else! They honestly never expected me back so early, and many of my readers (YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE) messaged me frantically thinking that this was the end to my travels. Well fear not. I’ll be back in England for around 3 weeks till I head back out again. But where?

We have a flight booked to Thailand at the start of June, which involves a 26hour stop over… somewhere. I’m keeping that one a secret! We shall spend around 9 days exploring Bangkok and Chang Mai. It was my initial plan to spend 4 months in Asia before heading to New Zealand, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to leave my job, which left me penniless. But, the show must go on! So a huge road trip of Asia will have to be put on the back burner for now until my bank balance likes me again!


From Bangkok, I’ll fly straight to Aukland, New Zealand to start a Working Holiday there. Hopefully with plenty of trips to other countries and finally I’ll make it to Asia for the big one!

I’m actually dreading the cold. We will arrive in June, and temperatures drop to the minus numbers. I miss the sunshine. I like the heat! But I have English blood, so I’m sure I shall acclimatise back to the blistering winters.

What else is new? Well. Something very exciting! From Thailand onwards, I shall be travelling with ONLY hand luggage! Yep. I’ll be packing up for a winter in NZ with only hand luggage! I have wanted to make the switch for months now, so I grabbed a 40l holdall/backpack and I’m going to go for it! I have to be honest, I am sick to death of living out of a backpack. But there will be more on this later! So keep a look out for the Hand Luggage Only challenge on my channel! (P.S. I have no idea if my new bag meets the dimensions for carry on. We shall soon see when I try and get my flight back to England… Eeeep.)

So there you have it. As it stands within the next 6 weeks I’ll be visiting England, Thailand and NZ (plus my mystery stop over country). Any tips for exploring Bangkok and Chang Mai in just 9 days? What can we not miss? Also, has anyone been on a working holiday in NZ? What was it like? Any advice for keeping warm?

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Hi! Name’s Aly! Originally from Birmingham, England, I have been discovering the world for over 3 years straight. I am a psychology graduate with a love for Pho and red wine. Whether I throw myself into a novel or from 14,000ft up out of a plane, I look at adventure big and small and say “Let’s do this!”
  • Michelle

    Just a quick query about the NZ visa – it says on their webby you have to ‘not have been approved under a working holiday scheme before’. Does that mean its more difficult to get one if you’ve already been to Aus or is it talking about previous NZ applications? And where it says you must be permanently living in the UK, is it an issue if you’ve been travelling for so long beforehand?

    Have lots & lots of fun and enjoy visiting home

    • Aly

      Hey Michelle! Good Questions. When it talks about previous WH schemes, it means for NZ. Also it has a small note to say that it is OK if you have been temporarily visiting other countries, so long as the UK still remains your actual residence. So you will be fine, as will I =]

    • PsychoTraveller

      Hey Michelle. Good Questions! In regards to previous working holidays, it only means from NZ, not Aus =] Plus, the small print seems to say that it is fine if you have been or are currently visiting another country, so long as the UK is your primary residence and you don’t hold residence in another country. Good for everyone =]

      • Michelle

        Brilliant, thank-you! Hope you have a fab time 🙂 x

  • Amy

    When you’re in Chiang Mai take the day trip to Woody’s Elephants. The elephants are very happy and you learn to feed, ride and wash them!
    Also, something I didn’t go but EVERYONE says to do, is to visit Pai Northern Thailand.
    Enjoy! Very Jealous x

    • PsychoTraveller

      Thanks Amy! I have heard from a lot of people that Pai is amazing! Definitely on the list! I won’t ride elephants in Asia though. =]

  • José Arnaudo

    Great plans the ones you have Aly!! im planning my Aussie trip and your website and channel have been very usefull. Enjoy home and keep sharing your travels!!

    • PsychoTraveller

      Thanks! Glad your finding both useful! I am sure you’re going to have an amazing time! =]

    • Aly

      Thanks! Glad your finding both useful! I am sure you’re going to have an amazing time! =]

  • Poli

    Hi Aly, you have awesome adventures laid out ahead!!! My parther and I are also preparing for a working holiday in NZ starting around March 2016 (that may last 1 or 2 years – not sure yet), so anything that you learn please pass it on (carry on making videos!!! 🙂 ). We are new to backpacking and travelling with no solid plan and/or income, but if you have any questions send them forward we might be able to answer.

    • Aly

      I shall definitely pass on lots of information through my videos and blogs. Very excited about exploring new countries, I have heard from so many people that NZ is just stunning! No plans or income is the best way to do it! Happy travels!

      • saleem

        i need visa dear
        help me

  • Philip Welser

    I’m leaving soon too, although for New Zealand directly and I’ll be studying there before traveling. To keep warm, find people to hug, I’d volunteer. 😀

    Also it seems I found your blog and channel just in time! Simply wow, I love everything you do!