Perfect Gifts For Travellers


Searching for the perfect gifts for travellers and nomads in your life? We see travel inspired gifts everywhere, so you’d think that buying for an explorer would be easy. But in reality, some stumble! You don’t want to buy something to big or heavy because they have to carry it around. You have no idea if what you’re buying would be useful to a traveller about to embark on their big trip!

To put it simply, buying for travellers is easier than you think and all you need to keep in mind is that; we love practical gifts! So whether you have a friend or family member who is about to jet off around the world, or just a mate who loves to travel; here are just a few perfect gifts for travellers!

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Budget (Under $50):

If you are on a budget, then never fear! I’ve got you covered with some great ideas, all for under $50!

Travel scratch map

Got a friend who seems to have been just about everywhere, or just dreams that they will? This travel scratch map will keep them inspired and it’s a lot of fun! They get to scratch off each country that they visit to slowly reveal what lies underneath!

Camera accessories

In every travellers carry on is a camera! Whether it is a GoPro or their smart phone, a few accessories will be highly appreciated! Are they always taking shaky photos? Grab them a GorilaPod! A super small, flexible and light little tripod! Do they just use their phone to snap their holiday pics? Why not get some lens clips which just go over their phone lens and significantly improve their photos?

Saving jar

Saving to travel the world can be tough so if you can’t afford to donate to the cause, why not buy them a cute savings jar to hold their coins? Want to make it more personal? Make it yourself! Grab an old jam jar and some PVA and decorate the jar with photos from around the globe! It will sure inspire them to keep saving for that big trip they have always been dreaming about!

Italki gift card 

If a friend or even yourself is jetting away to a beautiful foreign land then learning a bit of the language before you go is always a good idea. You can grab a gift card for a friend or even treat yourself with a buy one get one free promotion!

Inflatable travel pillow

Not only will your friend thank you, but their neck will be forever grateful. I always opt for an inflatable pillow simply to save space! Sure the ones filled with those gorgeously soft beads are great but are so bulky! Once they land or jump off their bus ride, they can release the air and fold it back into their backpack!

SD card

A traveller can NEVER have enough SD cards for their cameras! Seriously! Make sure you check online to see which memory card will be compatible with their camera/phone and just make them promise to send you some funny snaps from their adventure!

Travel journal

This is something I will recommend till the end of time! I also know how hard it is to find the time to keep up with your entries. But there is nothing better than pulling your old travel journals out years later and being reminded of all the little things you had forgotten!

Luggage tag

Luggage tags make for a great stocking filler and you can find some pretty nifty ones these days. They are no longer just bland and dull tags to write your name and address on!

Packing cubes

I know it’s not just me who thinks this, travellers love packing cubes! They are one of the best ways to organise your backpack! Grabbing a couple of these for a friend who may need a few pointers on organisation will be a blessing!

Travel bottles

Every wanderer hates the liquid restrictions, so why not grab them a couple of travel bottles for them to put their shampoos in? You can even find these in the dollar store for a pack of three but above are the ones I swear by and have had for years! They are essentials for any travellers backpack!

Passport cover

Passports are boring. So, why not get a beautiful cover for theirs? There are so many out there that it could be hard to choose! Also, it makes it stand out more meaning your friend may not be as likely to misplace it!

Art work/Posters

Got a friend who may not be travelling all of the time but spend every day wishing and dreaming? Why not get them a poster or canvas to hang up in their room? Discount shops are known for selling large canvas prints with inspirational travel quote painted on top of a faded map of the world. Cheap, cheerful and thoughtful!


A good travel book can be hard to come by these days but they really get you pumped for your next trip! So here are a few of my favourites:
How Not to Travel the World: Adventures of a Disaster-Prone Backpacker
You’ve Gone Too Far This Time, Sir!

Eye mask

Another cheap and cheerful product which will help your travel buddie get some well deserved shut eye on that long flight or dragging bus ride through Thailand!


Most travellers don’t go anywhere without a pair of headphones! Providing hours of distraction on long flights, headphones are essential! Already have a pair? Headphones could possibly be the most misplaced item a traveller could have! A second pair may just save their sanity!

Luggage scales

The dreaded weight limits which seem to get stricter and stricter every year! Not only that but if you dare go over your limit, you will get slammed at the check in desk with a massive charge! Truly a travellers worst nightmare! A tiny luggage scale is essential to avoid these charges and could save your friend a small fortune!

Waterproof pouch for their phone

If your friend is going somewhere warm and tropical and you know they will be swimming and snorkelling then a waterproof pouch for their phone is great! They can grab some great shots of the coral and fish and with some pouches you can navigate easily through the pouch!

Travel sized board games

Whether it be snakes and ladders or the classic Connect 4, if your mate is travelling with a friend then give them something to do whilst they are waiting at the airport! Most games are now shrunk down to fit into your pocket and if that fails; a deck of cards will do the same thing!

Moderate ($50-200):

Got a little more to spoil that special someone? Here are some great ideas to

Experience voucher

If you know where your friend or family member will be heading, then why not surprise them with a gift card? Heading to Sydney? Get them a voucher to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb!

Kindle Paperwhite

The ultimate travel accessory! Packing in hours of battery life from a single charge and a capacity to hold thousands of books; their backs will appreciate this! I have the Kindle Paperwhite. It comes with a back light which makes it great for reading in hostels after lights out and on overnight buses!

Power pack

A constant occurrence, running out of juice! How on earth shall you pass time away on that long haul flight now your phone, kindle and iPad have run out of battery? Power packs are an awesome invention! Small, light weight and keep your friend online! They come in super handy when you need to look up your hostels address when you arrive in a new place and your phone has died!

Splurge ($200+):

Really want to go all out? Why not splurge on these cool items for the serious wanderers!?


By far the ULTIMATE travel accessory! Small enough to fit into your pocket and incredible quality you won’t know how you survived the road without one! As you all know I am addicted to my GoPro and use it to film all of my videos with! The above image is the GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Capable of even shooting in 4K and taking some amazing shots, it really is a travellers dream! Go on, spoil them!


Most travellers are moving away from carrying their laptops around with them as they add so much weight but they still want to keep connected! An iPad or tablet is perfect as they can Skype back home, send emails and update their Facebook with photos and videos which will make everyone back home green with envy!


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  • Awesome ideas! Just finished making my roommate a travel savings jar. Well, actually it’s a wine bottle… but this way she can’t get the money back out until she’s ready to break it open and go off on her next big adventure! Love your site.