PROOF That The Philippines Is The Ultimate Paradise Destination!

the philippines

The Philippines. Soft white sand, crystal clear water and beautiful local smiles. Everything you want when you visit a paradise island. Throughout my travels across the world through Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia and even Mauritius, nothing came close to the beauty of the Philippines.

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The one thing I did notice is that I couldn’t put my camera down. Every corner I turned and every deserted island we came up to just screamed PHOTOGRAPH ME! Can you blame me? I’ll let the photographic evidence speak for itself.

the philippines

So, what makes the Philippines so special? What makes it stand out from the rest of the paradise islands in Asia? The one thing I would say is how untouched it all is. You rarely see trash floating in the ocean. To be honest the only place I saw water pollution was around the big docks in Cebu and Manila. When you get out to the paradise islands, you won’t see a single coke bottle or plastic bag.

Unlike the islands down the south of Thailand, the Philippines still remains an untouched piece of beauty, but chances are, no for too much longer.

the philippines travel

Crowds. You get them. Some places more than others. This is unavoidable no matter where you go. But 99% of places are not ruined by them.

the philippines travel

The water will blow your mind. I have been honoured enough to swim in many parts of the world from Greece to Australia but nowhere had water like the Philippines.

the philippines travel

You will discover the undiscovered. On a day out after hiring a scooter our bums were screaming from the hard seat and all we wanted was an ice cold drink. Then from nowhere, a small promenade caught out eye and we pulled over. After struggles with the language barrier with two very small and cute children, we grabbed a couple of cokes and sat out on the sea with not a single other person around. There are so many hidden parts of this paradise even on the busy islands!

the philippines travel

The people. The Filipino people are by far some of the friendliest I have ever met on all of my travels. The warm smiles. The want to help you in anyway they can. The locals in any country can really make or break your experience.

the philippines travel

The snorkelling is phenomenal! Seriously. If you don’t have a PADI or enough money for a discover scuba course, snorkelling can sometimes feel like a let down. But not here. The reefs we discovered off the coast of Coron were mind blowing.

However, if you can dive, DO IT! Seriously, it was the best day of my time in the Philippines! Check out who we found below!

the phlippines scuba diving

After our month travelling through this paradise it was clear that it was not going to remain untouched forever. With the tourism board pushing campaigns all over the world, more and more people are flocking over. If you really want to experience paradise like this, you better book your tickets soon!

Have you ever been to the Philippines? Let me know your thoughts in the comment below!

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