Tahuna Pod Hostel: Queenstown, New Zealand | OFFICIAL REVIEW |


I offered to write this blog post and produce a promotional video for Tahuna Pod Hostel in return for my accommodation costs. However, all opinions remain my own and are as honest as always.

The first thing I look for when I enter a hostel, no matter what I am paying per night is a smile and boy did I get one! Smiles all round as we were checked in, still terribly hungover and all we wanted was to pass out on a comfortable bed.

We got shown up to the Penthouse and I was so excited. Spacious wooden pods built to bring you privacy, comfort and a very unique stay! I am normally never a fan of gimmicks however this place didn’t go overboard. Sure it’s a unique idea, however, it still felt like I was staying in a hostel, not an amusement park! 


The best thing about the pods is that you can wake up and turn the light on without disturbing everyone else in your room! With a thick curtain that pulls across, large mirror, power sockets, USB charging points and a fluffy duvet; you really could live in those pods!

For just the designated power points and USB chargers alone I was sold! There is nothing more frustrating in dorm rooms than having to put your phone on charge 3 miles away from your bed; if you’re lucky enough to get a space!

The penthouse was really spacious and had a little kitchen which was a lifesaver! However, the oven was out of order and there were no ring burners. They do have a fully equipped kitchen downstairs so that wasn’t a problem and I think they wanted to avoid fires and filling the room with questionable smells!


Don’t worry if you don’t want to splurge on the Penthouse, you can have your own pod in one of the many dorm rooms too!

Did someone say free stuff? It’s probably one of my favourite things about staying in a decent hostel, free stuff! We all love free stuff! Who doesn’t? Normally you get a couple of things free, whereas with this place they really went above and beyond to help a traveller out! Free breakfast. Free evening soup. Free WiFi. Free International calls. Free tea and coffee. Free towels.

Another thing I noticed was just how clean the place was! I can over look a lot of sins, but never cleanliness. Cleaners come around in full force every day and keep things looking fresh which I really appreciate!

It is hard to pick faults with this place however, the wifi. Obviously my line of work depends on fast wifi and that is what I got… and then I didn’t have it. Then I did! In short, the Wifi is super quick in communal areas but can really be temperamental in the rooms. However, I was still able to upload daily vlogs so it couldn’t have been that bad!


Like I already touched on, the reception staff are so super friendly they make you feel at home instantly when you arrive! This hostel is definitely full of short term travellers which can be really nice when you’re visiting as the people aren’t as cliquey as they are in longer term hostels!

When it came to saving money in a town which is aimed at tourists and their wallets, we took advantage of the free food and drinks on offer on a daily basis. The veggie soup every evening is super tasty and we would pair it with a sandwich to fill us up for the evening!

Overall, hand on heart, this could be the best hostel I have ever stayed in. The rooms are so unique you never want to leave. The staff always smiling and the facilities, were way above par!

Have you stayed at Tahuna Pod Hostel or any Sir Cedric hostels? Let me know in the comments below!

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    ALy what a great read!
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  • Samantha Sloan

    I lived in QT for awhile and had friends who worked here when you posted this and loved it, going to ask if they would have recognized you!