What’s In My Backpack? | New Zealand Edition


When it comes to packing I have pretty much been trying everything to go as light as possible. But I am no expert and I am still learning at every step! When it comes to what I carry, it will of course differ for every country but there are a lot of essentials which I carry no matter where I go!

New Zealand can bring some beautiful summer days and some ghastly cold winters! So depending upon the time of year you are visiting will determine what you will need!

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Summer comes a little later here but it normally starts heating up around October/November straight through till April/May! If you are in the south island during winter (or even the north) YOU WILL NEED LAYERS! THERMALS! COATS! HATS!

But anyway…

Here is what junk I have been carrying with me through New Zealand!


Of course most travellers won’t need half the technology that I travel with, but it’s just a part of my job to lug around tripods, cameras, leads and my laptop everywhere I go!

freelance thumb

Sony A5100: A beautiful mirrorless camera which is lightweight and super powerful in capturing those rich colours and dark contrasts! There are a few draw backs with the video side; for example you cannot film for longer that 15minutes at a time and it overheats very quickly! Other than that, I think this is a fantastic camera for anyone into capturing some amazing moments!

As I couldn’t image travelling with a full sized tripod, I just use my trusty Gorilapod which is small, light and strong!

Macbook Air (13 inch): An obvious must have for a travel vlogger but the lightweight aspect really sold me on this and like they say; once you go mac, you never go back! I also keep it in a Thule Case which is unbelievably durable and protective, however, does add a bit of weight. Worth it in my opinion if you want to keep your laptop safe!!

GoPro Hero 4 Silver: An old and loyal friend of mine and something I will always class as a traveller must have! Yes the GoPro’s can come with a hefty price tag but when you get offered to go snorkelling with sea turtles in SE Asia you will regret not having one!

Kindle Paperwhite: I have screamed from the rooftops a thousand times, but here we go again… If you read a lot, a kindle will change everything! Had to upgrade after my 3 and a half year old Kindle died. Best feature with the Paperwhite edition… BACKLIGHT!

I have GoPro accessories galore! Mainly just brackets, backs and mounts but some notable items have to be my Sandmarc extendable pole, floaty stick, head mount and Armor bag to keep it all in!

Get $10 off your order of GoPro accessories when you use the code PSYCHOTRAVELLER on the Sandmarc website!!

Other than the 572 wires I own the only notable item from my bag in this department is my 2T Seagate External Hardive!

Travel Wash Bag

What can I say, I have truely found the perfect wash bag for me. Which seems ridiculous to say but there is nothing more satisfying then being completely content with something your travelling with. IT’s nothing fancy, in fact, I nabbed it for just $5 from Aliexpress! But it has a little hook, lots of meshed pockets and a big middle compartment! It’s all I need! But here’s a few of the little items which lurk within!

travel wash bag

Silicone Travel Bottles (Kathmandu): A must have for all travellers so you don’t have to lug around massive bottles of shampoo everywhere! Just refill these along the way and you’re good to go!

Lush solid Shampoo bar: This is something I have wanted to dedicate an entire video to! Lordy! IF you haven’t already noticed but I have a rather out of control head of hair. It’s thick, coarse and wavy. So the thought of ditching my regular old shampoo and conditioner for a tiny little bar was slightly concerning. But golly does it work well! It’s called Godiva and to me, it’s very God-like indeed!

Toothbrush and toothpaste… Standard.

Razor… of course.

Deodorant… Because no one likes a smelly traveller!

When it comes to medication I keep the essentials on hand at all times; painkillers, anti-histamines, Imodium… etc etc.

The little bottle of body wash you can see is a concentrated formular but it produces very little foam, so it gets a thumbs down from me!

Clothes and stuff…

I am definitely one to wear the same outfit over and over again! At first you pack for every occassion but you soon realise you live in the same pair of shorts and alternate between about 3 t-shirts!

The only notable items I would recommend for New Zealand all year round would be a pair of combat trousers which are so comfortable and great for hiking!

A lightweight waterproof jacket but I would recommend getting a fairly decent one simply because the rain and wind can be tough and you want to make sure you are smiling, not shivering!

Then last but not least a mico-fleece. Super cosy even in summer when the evenings get a tad chilly!

There we have it! What do you pack in your backpack? What are your essentials for your next adventure? Let me know in the comments below!

Hi! Name’s Aly! Originally from Birmingham, England, I have been discovering the world for over 3 years straight. I am a psychology graduate with a love for Pho and red wine. Whether I throw myself into a novel or from 14,000ft up out of a plane, I look at adventure big and small and say “Let’s do this!”
  • Svenja

    Love packing/ what’s in my backpack videos & blog posts!
    We usually travel for anywhere from a weekend to six weeks, but my packing list is basically the same for any kind of trip, just some variations depending on the climate.
    One thing I never travel without is a decent pair of sunglasses, another is a cozy hoodie, otherwise it’s the usual couple t-shirts, couple undies, shorts, jeans, running tights, basic toiletries, tech stuff…

  • LifeLovingLydia

    I love the relaxed, funny way you do your videos, and really wanted to compliment you on resisting the “beauty perfection trend” hardly ever wearing make-up! This is so refreshing and simply much more the truth, as heaps of female travellers don´t wear perfect make up all day for perfect photos, because they´d be running around a city, hiking or much more!
    Go on!




    great blog loved the video